Laser NanoFactory

Two-photon process ultra-fine stereolithography 3D printer

Japan's importer of excellent overseas laser oscillators, microfabrication equipment, and opto-scientific instruments..

Prototype Processing

Our team of professionals are ready to help you with processing your prototype samples. Our strong network of experts from around the world are more than happy to help you. We also have our own in-house laboratory that can process with the following lasers:


Custom Micromachining Systems

Solid State UV Laser Wire Marking

Photolithography: Direct laser writing, maskless lithography, photoresists

High Power, Short Pulse and Ultra Short Pulse InnoSlab Lasers

CO2 & Excimer Lasers, Optics, Fluid Jet Polishing 

Accredited calibration services within a range of metrology areas.

Probe Card Processing Equipment

Soft X-Ray Irradiation

Laser Precision Cutting, Welding, Engraving, Drilling, and micromachining devices.

Automatic and portable wire harness test systems

Compact MLI Excimer lasers

Ultra Small ER:Glass Eye Safe Laser Transmitters

Full Polarization Fiber Laser System

High power single mode fiber laser

Pulsed Laser Deposition

Extremely Small Eye Safe Pulse Lasers