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“Impact” laser radiation is used to selectively ablate, drill and mill polymer materials, to expose contact areas, excise flex circuits and for other demanding applications, including fluorinated polymers. The LLT incorporates a modified CO2 TEA laser with output in the 9.3-9.6μm band, and short pulse duration resulting in high absorbed power densities, that vaporize polymers. Machining rates (material removal) are typically on the order of 5-505μm depth /shot, depending on the energy density.


  • Clean removal of polymer layers by ablation
  • No damage to metallization or substrate
  • PC selection of ablation motif
  • Motorized X, Y, Z Axis for 3d packaging
  • Auto Switch from ablation to excision mode
  • Auto align to fiducials
  • CAD compatible
  • Efficient fume extraction
  • Easy to use


  • Trimming of electronics packaging / contact clean
  • Milling/drilling of a wide range of polymers & composites
  • Tablet drilling





  • Laser : C02 Light Machinery Impact 2000 Series
  • Operating Wavelength: 9.3μm
  • Pulse Energy: 400mJ-4J
  • Repetition Rate: 150Hz-15Hz
  • On-target e.d: 4-16J/cm2 (Ablation); >50J/cm2 (excision), Auto Change
  • Motifs: up to 2mm in static mode, user choice on 15 pos. selector, or up to 10x10mm in scanning mode (option)
  • Part Holding: Vacuum chuck and/or wafer clamps
  • Environment: Fume extractor/filter
  • X, Y machining area: 300*300mm (larger sizes available)
  • Speed/position resolution: 30mm/s, 1μm (fast linear drive stages available)
  • Theta stage option: 360° full rotation or +/-3° auto-trim stage options
  • Focus depth/part height (Z axis): 25mm
  • CCTV inspection: Offset detented zoom, 45-300X; image acquisition
  • Control Software: ProcessPower multi-level access, user-friendly interface with set-up & CAD conversion routines, auto-align functions and video measuring cursor