IPEX-700 シリーズ



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  • exciPure™  technology for increddible 10X gas lifetimes and the lowest cost of operation
  • No expensive cryogenic gas purifier is required
  • EasyClean automated optics seals to retain gas fill and reduce downtime during
    optics maintenance 
  • Optional High-Brightness optics for applications requiring low beam divergence or extended coherence length
  • High-stability optics mounts for ultimate beam pointing accuracy 
  • Simple integration into industrial processing systems
  • Microsoft® Surface Pro 4 remote control for the ultimate in simple operation, can be operated as a tablet or with the keyboard


  • Massive dynamic gas lifetime, low operating cost
  • Simplifies optical maintenance, retains gas fill and passivation
  • Delivers 200 microradian pointing stability
  • No realignment required after cleaning or replacing optics
  • Fast, precise energy stabilization in internal, burst and external trigger modes
  • Excellent energy stability, better than 1.0% (KrF)
  • Removes particulates and maintains optics cleanliness


  • Pulsed Laser Deposition
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Material Processing
  • Drilling
  • Wire Stripping
  • Scientific Research
  • Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy


Wavelength193nm ArF248nm KrF308 XeCl351 XeF
Maximum Pulse Energy (mJ) IPEX-740230475300275
Maximum Pulse Energy (mJ) IPEX-760250700600350
Stabilized Pulse Energy (mJ) IPEX-740150400250225
Stabilized Pulse Energy (mJ) IPEX-760200600500300
Stabilized Average Power (W)
Maximum Repetition Rate (Hz)