Impact 3000 シリーズ

高出力産業用TEA-CO² レーザー

IMPACT 3000シリーズは表面レイヤーの除去やクリーニング、非破壊検査、そして光化学などの分野で利用する高出力(最大300W)短パルスCO2レーザーです。ペイント剥離、金型クリーニング、同位体分離や遠隔検知/LIDERなど多様な分野で活用することができます。

パルス繰り返しが最も高いモデル (3400) では、レーザー超音波検査用の光源用として利用されます。

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  • Megawatt peak powers give excellent edfge definition in non-metallic materials
  • Greatly reduced heat affected zone (HAZ) compared to conventional C)2 lasers
  • High up times and low maintenance even at continuous 200W or more power delivery 24/7.
  • Operation at 10.6 or 9.3um
  • A variety of pulse energy and rep rate models


  • A cost effective alternative to excimer lasers in many processes
  • Simple to operate
  • Low cost of ownership
  • LightMachinery’s legendary customer support

Typical Applications

  • Surface Layer Removal and Cleaning
  • Polymer Coatings
  • Brake Lines
  • Paint Stripping
  • Mold Cleaning
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Laser Ultrasound Generation
  • Photochemistry and Spectroscopy
  • Isotope Separation
  • LIDAR and remote sensing


Model Number3100312531503100HP3125HP3150HP3400
Maximum Energy (J) at 10.6um2.
Maximum Energy (J) at 9.3um1.
Maximum Power (W) at 10.6um200200200300300300120
Maximum Power (W) at 9.3um180180180300300300100
Maximum Repetition Rate100125150100125150400
Beam Size (mm)19 x 1919 x 1919 x 1919 x 1919 x 1919 x 1911 x 11
Beam Divergence, half angle (mrad)~6.0~6.0~6.0~6.0~6.0~6.0~2.0